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Eastern U.S. and Caribbean: +1 (844) 464-0520    |    Western US and Mexico: 737-206-3707

Eastern U.S. and Caribbean: +1 (844) 464-0520
Western US and Mexico: 737-206-3707
Note: Patient is breathing O2 AND has ambient O2 flow inside the cabin for and outside in and inside out systemic delivery for maximum result Chamber Oxygen Filter
  • Internal patient comfort fan(s)
  • Pressure Pump for Chamber
  • Cabin air filtration system for cabin O2 flow
  • Internal Pressure Gauge for the patient to monitor pressure
  • External pressure Gauge for outside viewing of pressure as well
  • All tubing and accessories
  • Internal Pressure Gauge
  • External pressure Gauge

All Chambers include:

1. 1 Year warranty*
2. All accessories, pump, air climate control system, and condensers.
3. On-site installation available by request.
4. Shipping and delivery will be arranged by HyperHealth as a courtesy, shipping fees are in addition to the sale price.

*All chambers include a 1-year warranty. We also offer on-site installation and training programs for both home users and clinical users.


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ComponentsSpecificationSTM2000 Multiple Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Weight: 60KG
Dimension: Height:180cm Diameter:200cm
Capacity:4 persons
Intercom phone : YES
Operation System Voltage: 110/220V,customized
Air Flow: 80L/Minute
Weight: 80kg
Power: 1200W
Size: 58(L)x42(W)x56(H)cm
Oxygen Concentrator Voltage: 110V/220V,customized
Oxygen Flow: 10L/Minute
Power: 480W
Weight: 30kg