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Eastern U.S. and Caribbean: +1 (844) 464-0520    |    Western US and Mexico: 737-206-3707

Eastern U.S. and Caribbean: +1 (844) 464-0520
Western US and Mexico: 737-206-3707

Rent a Hyperbaric Chamber Today!

Our customers have a wide range of individual needs. To provide the added and necessary flexibility, the rental program from HyperHealth O2 allows clients to rent select chambers for as little or as long as they need.

Although renting a hyperbaric chamber every month doesn’t represent a long-term solution, this is still a great way for customers to familiarize themselves with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy before purchasing.

We keep a wide variety of chambers in stock, ready for shipping as soon as our team receives your order!

Contact HyperHealth O2 to learn more on hyperbaric chamber rental today!


Assembled in the USA

+1 (844) 464-0520


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